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Related article: Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 00:56:00 -0700 (PDT) From: Max Subject: After Bedtime Lessons part twoThis is a work of fiction and not intended to endorse or encourage the type of behavior depicted in the story. Enjoy and please let me know what you think. After bedtime lessons Part two "Daddy! Daddy! I'm ready." Danny yelled from his room. " Come tuck me in." I hesitated outside of Danny's bedroom, wondering if I would experience a repeat of last night's sexual adventure with my eight year old son. Letting him play with my cock and teaching him how to play with his own was one of the best experiences we had ever had together. Already I could sense a greater closeness between us, Danny seemed much more relaxed around me than he was when he first arrived for his visit. Ever since his Mom and I divorced I noticed Danny had become shy around me. I guessed the separation brought about from the shared custody made him feel alienated from his old man. If a little sexual exploration was needed to help us mend our relationship then I was willing to do it. "Daaaad....are you coming?" "It's just like 'playing doctor'," I told myself as I stepped into the dark room, " you did it all the time as a kid. Just let Danny take the lead." The soft light from the hallway created a bright path leading to his bed. I eyed the bottle of hand lotion on his nightstand. That morning, after waking up in my bed, both of us still naked from our mutual jack off session, I had given him his own bottle of lotion to lube his dick with. Smearing a generous glob of the cream on his dick, I explained that could use it whenever he wanted in the privacy of our home. Danny understood and eagerly applied some lotion to my dick before showing me how he could jack off his little boycock just as well as his Dad. We watched each other masturbate our hard cocks before jumping into the shower together. Then we went on with the day as if nothing had happened. I noticed that the lotion appeared to be untouched. "Howya doing sport?" I asked, kneeling Preteen Underage Lolitas against the bed. Not wanting to coerce Danny into anymore sex play I was still fully dressed in a pair of slacks and a button down shirt. Danny lay in bed in his usual nighttime attire: a white t-shirt and a matching pair of briefs. His covers were pulled back and he lay there with the t-shirt pulled up exposing his tummy. I remembered that his mother would sometimes rub his stomach while tucking him in and I guess he wanted me to do the same. Very gently I massaged his little belly, careful not to let my fingers graze the bulge just below the waistband. "We had fun today Daddy. I like staying with you." "Good, I like having you here to Danny. We can do all sorts of things together, like go to the park, play ball, anything you like. I love you so much." I leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. Danny smiled and raised his head to kiss me back, innocently, on the mouth. "I love you too Daddy." When he lay back in bed I noticed a frown appear on his face. "What's wrong buddy? Anything bothering you, you just tell Daddy. You can tell Daddy anything. Or ask anything" "Anything?" he asked. "Anything." I assured him. I was worried that he would tell me that he wanted to go back to his mother, maybe we hadn't got a close as I thought. "Well..." he started to ask. "Yes?" I said leaning closer. "Could I see your penis again?" I was surprised by his simple request and wasn't sure how to react. "It's his idea, let him take the lead." I reminded myself. "Sure pal," I said smiling, "you like looking at your Dad's penis?" "Uh huh." He nodded and I stood up and unzipped my pants. "You want to get it out?" Danny quickly sat up and stuck his little hand into the zipper opening. "Looks like he's happy to see you." I laughed as he pulled my semi-hard cock out into the open. "Ya wanna play with it too?" "Uh huh." "Here buddy..." I said reaching over to his nightstand for the lotion. "Grease up Daddy's dick for him." Danny eagerly obliged. With firm determination and an uncharacteristically serious look on his face he rubbed the lotion up and down the shaft of my cock. His touch was gentle and he soon had my cock standing at full attention. "Was this what you wanted to see Dan?" I asked him as I leaned forward a bit and playfully poked his nose with the tip of my cock. "Daddy! You got my nose wet!" Danny laughed, wiping the precum off with the back of his hand. "You look silly," he added as he looked at me fully dressed with my big Preteen Underage Lolitas dick sticking out. "You think Daddy should go out looking like this? With his big dick sticking out and pointing at everybody?" Danny burst out laughing as I mimicked walking down the street waving at people, oblivious to my hardon bouncing as I moved. Spying his flashlight on his desk gave me an idea. I shut the door into the hallway, leaving the room pitch black I lay the flashlight down on its side, pointing towards the wall next to Danny's bed and turned the it on. "Look at this!" I said standing next to the bed and turning sideways. The strong beam from his flashlight created shadows on the wall. My outline, including my erect cock, was clearly visible. The shadow was enlarged, making my dick look enormous. "Neat," gasped Danny, looking in awe at the exaggerated image. "Hey," he said standing on the bed and pulling his briefs down. "Lookit mine!" As I suspected, he was already quite hard. The shadow of his little boner looked almost adult like, even next to my giant shadow-cock. He was clearly very excited by this and proudly thrust his hips out, watching his new mancock on the wall. "Hey look, were touching," Danny exclaimed as he stepped forward, making the images of our dicks appear to meet tip to tip. "Big penis. Bigger penis," I joked, pointing at our two shadows. "They look the same," Danny noted, observing the similarities in the shadows of our cocks. Except for size our penises were the same. The fact that he noticed this touched me, as well as aroused me, and I started to slowly jack myself off. Danny saw what I was up to and without having to be asked, offered me some lotion for my dick. I gladly accepted and let him apply some more. Danny stood across from me and started to wank himself off too, his eyes transfixed on the father and son on the wall. I held out my hand to him. "Hey Dan the man, Daddy needs some help," I asked. Danny stood next to me on the bed and replaced my big hand with his two smaller ones. "Ohh got the touch boy," I said as he jacked me off. We both continued to stare at the image of my cock being jerked off. "Oooh don't stop...make Daddy cum!" I couldn't hold it in any longer and let a huge load spurt across the room. Globs of my cum landed on Danny's favorite WWF poster hanging over the headboard. "Wow," Danny softly whispered as I lubed his cock up and proceeded to jack him off. Now we got to watch the image of boy's cock being stroked by his father's big hand. "You like that don't you baby." "Uh huh," he barely managed to say. I stroked his hair with my other hand and kissed him on the forehead. "Cum good for Daddy," I whispered into his ear, "Cum real good." "Oooh Daddy Oh Daddy," he moaned, doing just that. I could feel his little cock twitch in my hand as he had his orgasm. When he finished I scooped him up into my arms and pressed his naked body to mine in a big hug. I could feel his still hard cock pressing into my stomach. We kissed on the mouth, for the second time that night, before he buried his head in my chest. " I love you Daddy," he murmured, pressed against my heart. " I love you too baby," I said holding him with one arm as I grabbed one of his towels and cleaned my cum off his things as best I could. Preteen Underage Lolitas Then I lay him back in bed, covered him with his blankets, and turned off the flashlight. I stood in the dark for a while, watching him sleep, dreaming of a shadow boy and his shadow father loving each other and playing with their cocks.
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